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Take your track workouts to the next level with Physiclo Pro Resistance training gear. The resistance built into these compression tights will help you get faster without compromising your form. Used by track athletes and coaches to train for high school state championships, D1 NCAA programs, and even the Olympics.

  • Add resistance to block starts up to 30m to build fast twitch muscle speed
  • Wear Physiclo during A and B step drills to greatly improve acceleration
  • Use with 200m and 400m repeats to build endurance and strength




If you ever wondered what it's like to push yourself to the limits of human ability, then track is the sport for you. To compete on the international stage, track athletes need to embody power, speed, and explosiveness wrapped up into a lean, mean running machine. 

Gain an edge over the competition by elevating your training with Physiclo resistance gear. By wearing these specialized compression pants, you can train your muscles to adapt to working under extra resistance, without compromising your form. When you take them off to race, you'll be able to achieve a more explosive start and sustain greater sprinting speed. 

In addition to sprints, examples of basic exercises that can be enhanced with Physiclo include: high knees, mountain climbers, lunges, squats, and box jumps


"The resistance of Physiclo pants is perfect for base training: circuits, drills, mobility routines."

- Carl Valle, USATF II Coach




Physiclo resistance gear is a perfect training tool for track and cross country athletes of all ages, at any level. You can wear the extra resistance during warmups and bodyweight exercises to improve strength and conditioning, or you can wear them on the track for functional movement training. 


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