Common Questions About Compression Tights by Physiclo.

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Ordering and payment
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Returns and Exchanges
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Ordering and payment

What payments are currently accepted?

We accept all major credit cards as well as Paypal and Amazon Payments.


How do I use an online promo code?

To redeem an online coupon code, enter your promo code at the checkout page.  This is after you have added a product to your cart.  Only one promo code per purchase may be used.

Shipping and Tracking

When will my order ship?

From the time of purchase, please allow 24 hours for the order to be processed and be shipped out of our fulfillment center.


When can I expect my compression gear if i’m in the United States.

Orders are shipped from Los Angeles, CA. USA. Please allow up to 7 business days for customers on the East Coast.  Our West coast customers can expect their orders to arrive in as little as 2 business days.


When can I expect my compression gear if shipping Internationally?

International shipments vary from location to location but you should allow for at least 2 weeks of shipping time.


How can I track my package?

After you have completed the purchasing process, you should receive a tracking number for your order within 24 hours.



What size is right for me?

Physiclo activewear by nature of having built in resistance does run a bit small.  Our compression leggings and shorts are designed with multiple tight-fitting layers, so some people find it pretty tight to wear on the first try.  We would recommend using our size guide and just know that if they are tighter than your normal workout leggings, that is normal.


 Men's Guide

Pant Waist (inch) 26-28 29-31 31-34 34-37 37-40 40-43


Women's Guide

Waist (inch) 25-26 27-29 29-31 31-32 33-34 35-37
Hip (inch) 33-35 36-38 39-40 41-43 43-45 46-48


It's tight to put on - is my size is too small?

You probably have the right size but you are just not used to getting into a pair of pants that have resistance bands running through them.  This is normal and we have found there is a helpful technique for slipping into your new workout leggings.

The trick is to first work the pants up your knees, then shimmy into them. If you experience any unusual wrinkling or uncomfortableness, try taking the pants off and putting them on again- usually the second time fits much better!


Returns and Exchanges

I don’t think I have the right fit. What can I do?

Feel free to send it back and exchange it for another size. To get a return shipping label, just send us an email at with the subject line "EXCHANGE".


When can I expect a new pair?

Upon request we will issue a return label for you to send back your current pair of leggings or shorts and we also process a new order for your correct size.  It should arrive in a similar time frame to your original order.


I just want to return my compression shorts. What's your refund policy?

If you're not satisfied with your PHYSICLO gear, send it back within 14 days of receipt and we'll give you a full refund. To get a return shipping label, send us an email at with the subject line "RETURN".


The Physiclo Difference

How is Physiclo different from any other compression wear?

Simple.  We are the first compression wear to also incorporate resistance technology seamlessly into our apparel. Two separate elastic layers built right into the clothing stretch independently in different directions to cover specific muscle groups across a full range of motion.


What goes into Resistance Compression Wear?

Designed with breathable, moisture wicking fabrics but also scientifically designed to maximize the results of your workout.  With strategically placed resistance bands running under the garment, these compression leggings can be worn on their own or under any other workout apparel.


What are the benefits of training with Physiclo?

When you wear Physiclo compression pants, your body works harder to overcome the extra resistance they add to your movements, helping you get stronger, fitter, and faster.

This has resulted in:

  • 14% increase in calories burned
  • 23% increase in muscle activity
  • Achieve results in less time.

You can find out even more of the science behind Physiclo and Resistance Technology



How to train with Physiclo.

What activities are good for using compression tights with resistance?

Training with Physiclo helps you take your exercise routine to the next level whether you prefer running, yoga, cross training, spinning, or any other fitness activities that require a lower body workout.  

Use as running tights to push yourself to hit that personal best on your next race.  Increase your efficiency while training for your next 5k, 10k, half marathon, or full marathon just by wearing our activewear during your run schedule.  Wear these just like you would any other compression gear while training to get the best performance on race day. 

Use as workout leggings in the gym and engage more target muscle groups on leg day or cut down the time of your cardio sessions.  Lunges, squats, box jumps, and any cardio routines are ideal for use with our compression leggings.

compression tights effectiveness


Will this make me feel extra tired during my workout?

Yes, PHYSICLO fundamentally makes you work harder and therefore your body will get tired more quickly than usual. But wait! Most people have noticed that the actual PERCEPTION of the resistance goes away after 15-20 minutes, so it won't make you feel like you're struggling.


Will this make me sweat more during my workout?

Nope, PHYSICLO is made from fabrics that are highly ventilating and moisture-wicking. If you're sweating more, it's because you're doing more!


Couldn't I just work out longer and get the same effect?

More or less, but do you really want to work out longer? In fact, why not work out longer and get BETTER results?


Can I wear this on the couch to burn extra calories?

No, unfortunately PHYSICLO isn't one of those "miracle pills". Our resistance gear acts like a multiplier to help you get more out of what you're doing. If you're doing nothing, then you'll get... well, nothing!


Can I wear this while I'm at school / work to burn extra calories?

Absolutely. PHYSICLO helps you get more out of anything you do, and it's sleek and comfortable enough to wear under everyday clothes. Of course, you won't get as much of an effect when sitting at a desk, but commuting and walking around with PHYSICLO are perfect ways to burn extra calories!


Can I wear this on game day / during competitions?

Not recommended. Remember, PHYSICLO is ADDING RESISTANCE to your movements. It's perfect for training in, but you'll want to take it off on game day.


Store Locator

Where can I find Physiclo near me?

Currently we are not being carried in any retail stores at the moment.

We exploring opportunities that we think Physiclo would make a great fit for.  


I have a retail space you think Physiclo would be perfect for.

Great! We would love to talk to you.  Please contact with the subject “RETAIL” and he will get in touch with you ASAP.


Product care

How should I wash and care for my Physiclo leggings or shorts?

Washing instructions will be on the care tag of the individual gear you own. However, as a general rule:

  • Machine wash cold with like colors only
  • Do not bleach
  • No fabric softener
  • Tumble dry low


About us / Contact

Company history

PHYSICLO started out in 2013 as a project by a small group of medical students trying to find a way to help rehabilitate people who needed a "push" to reach that minimum baseline of healthy exercise.  

After talking with hundreds of potential customers, we decided to pivot our concept to creating functional fitness clothes to help athletes & runners train more efficiently. PHYSICLO is run by a team of NYU medical students, doctors, fashion designers, and Olympic athletes.

Our mission is to create the ultimate workout apparel that empowers people to take control of their fitness.


How can I get in touch with your team?

You can email us directly at or reach us on Instagram at @getphysiclo



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