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These Workout Pants Are Hard To Resist, Literally


What we wear when we exercise can sometimes make or break a workout. 

After all, sporting a brand new pair of Nike or Lululemon tights can provide the mental push to energize you through one more set. 


But what if your gym clothes actually provided a better, more productive workout for you?

These unique workout pants from Physiclo do just that, by combining resistance band technology with sleek, moisture-wicking compression leggings to help you burn more calories and achieve better fitness results!


Left to right: Kelsey (@mysweatlife), Cornelia (@corneliahanes), Nelson (@nelgreen)
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Designed by an Olympic Silver Medalist and a team of medical students, Physiclo's Pro Resistance leggings feature built-in resistance band technology to challenge your body and help you achieve better results in less time. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or an elite athlete, adding resistance to your workouts with Physiclo gives you the extra boost you need to reach your fitness goals.




By physically adding resistance to your legs, Physiclo challenges you to work harder, thereby strengthening your muscles and conditioning your body to perform at your peak.

Each pair comes packed with multiple layers of elastic bands and panels, stretched over different muscle groups to generate safe, low-impact resistance across a full range of motion. And it’s all packaged into a design so sleek and discreet that you could even wear it into the office!




Wearing Physiclo Pro Resistance leggings will generate up to 10 pounds of extra resistance force in any direction, making your workout more efficient and productive. In a recent study at Cal Poly Pomona, people who wore Physiclo during their workouts saw a significant increase in heart rate and metabolic demand. On average, they burned 15% MORE calories, doing the same workout in the same amount of time!

In another study, 37 distance runners trained with and without Physiclo over 10 weeks, while recording their daily training time and mileage. Those who trained with Physiclo saw a significantly greater improvement than those who didn't, improving their average marathon and half-marathon PR times by almost 8 minutes.




Upgrading your workouts with Physiclo is easy- simply put on the pants and begin training. Whether you’re running, cycling, jumping, or doing drills, you’re going to feel the difference right away. Get ready for better results, faster than ever. What are you waiting for? 


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