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"On the surface, they're similar to standard compression shorts -- but they also have built-in elastic resistance bands and panels that challenge your leg muscles at every turn."

Engadget Physiclo

"The sheer effort required to move my legs really made the workout a lot more intense, and seemed to compound the further I ran. As someone who enjoys a fitness challenge, I loved it."

"Physiclo introduces activewear with resistance technology built into the fabric panels to help people of all fitness levels target muscle groups more effectively and reach fitness goals quicker."

"If you’ve ever worked out with ankle weights, the sensation is similar, except, of course, the weight is in your waist, hips, and thighs rather than your ankles."

"[Physiclo] shorts were designed with running first and foremost in mind. Because of this, they remained comfortable during daily wear, as well as during the seven miles spent jogging through the park wearing them. This was a regular run, and afterward I felt more muscle fatigue than normal."



  Garrett Klugh (USA Rowing, Olympian & World Champion)

 "I am fundamentally and perhaps unfairly skeptical of all fitness enhancing technology--I believe there aren't shortcuts to working out so when Keeth approached me with Physiclo I was dubious to say the least.

After working out using Physiclo for several weeks I realized that adding resistance is not a shortcut, you are simply doing more work--but not so much more that you are in danger of injury--it's subtle but still noticeable. Simply you get more effect for essentially the same perceived effort.   Keeth and Physiclo turned me from a skeptic to a believer." 

   Tim Morehouse (USA Fencing, 2008 Silver Medal)

  Jess Davis (USA Modern Pentathlon)

“[Physiclo] is the future of functional athletic wear.” “Go give them a look or ask me about how awesome they are!”

  Greg T (Elvis Duran Morning Show)

  Erin Jones (USA Triathlon)

“I opened them and tried the bike shorts on. Freaking love em'!”

"Wow! If you really want a workout, check out Physiclo resistance tights!! #GAMECHANGER"



Leg day was a SUPER success today!?? I was all ready for my workout when I decided I needed a little EXTRA boost on my Monday. I quickly ran to my room and (not so quickly) put on my amazing @getphysiclo pants! Those resistance bands may be difficult to shimmy into, but BOY do they WORK you out! My #legday was SO amazing because of these awesome pants! Then, because I'm CRAZY & have so much energy being #vegan ... I decided to wear them around Target AND IKEA.? What was I thinking?! Oh well... #noragrets ? Taking them off was incredible & now I'm laying in bed with the most jelly legs ever!? If felt SO good to sweat again! After a neck strain on Friday, I was unable to workout all weekend. (Limited range of motion.) I missed it SO much! But, I listened to my body, let my neck rest, and came back STRONG today!?? This photo is from a couple months back, but I wore the EXACT same outfit today! Funny how that works! (Wish I had done a side-by-side to track progress! Next time resistance pants, next time!?) How were all of your workouts?!? #bbggirl #physiclo #bbgstrong #strongnotskinny #thekaylamovement #kaylaitsines #kaylasarmy #bbg #deathbykayla #sweatwithkayla

A photo posted by |m e g a n| (@positively.megan) on

#TaeKwonDo #training #teamusa #physiclo #testimonial I've purposely put off writing this review for about 7 weeks now, not because I wasn't motivated, but because I wanted to be thorough. I wanted to be sure that it was indeed the PHYSICLO compression gear that was making me better, and let me tell you what I've found...! My lifestyle is very active. I'm 30 yrs old, have 4 kids,(3 of them under 5yrs old) and I own and operate a Martial Arts Studio with my wife. With the amount of activity I put in each day, I easily fall into plateaus when it comes to my own training. I'm a 2x World TKD Champion, 5x US. National TKD Champion and have competed in 10 International Competitions since 2003. Most of them were between 2003-2008. I've also recently been inducted into the Official TaeKwonDo Hall of Fame. Opening my own school and having my first son (then more kids immediately following) put my own training and competing life on hold. In short, I spend so much time teaching, and being a daddy, that it's hard for me to have the energy and desire to train for ME. I easily throw anywhere from 100-300 kicks a day, but for the most part they're demonstrative, half speed while I teach, not to my full potential. Because of this routine my body has fallen into, sometimes it only takes one class of full exertion and I'm sore for a couple days. So I've been looking for a way to still increase the effectiveness of my training, even if I only have half the energy left to do it. (REVIEW CONTINUED IN COMMENTS)

A photo posted by Joe Karstadt (@tkdjoek) on

HIIT IT!???? Well hello beauties! It's Tuesday which means a little LISS + HIIT are on the #bbg schedule for this girl. I LOVE how @kayla_itsines program requires cardio, but let's you do whatever form you enjoy.?? Today I'm doing my fave booty focused HIIT workout, wearing my @getphysiclo resistance tights for that extra ??(read booty burn?). Annnnnd in case you haven't heard about @getphysiclo tights yet, they literally have resistance bands BUILT IN, so basically they're the ?. I love wearing mine on cardio days, and I may or may not wear them out and about/around the house on my rest day as well so I can sneakily tone my bum while resting.?? || OH! And my booty burner HIIT routine is up at if anyone wants to try it! Just head to my blog and search "booty"?. || HAPPY SWEATING MY BABES!!! . . . . || EDIT: I just remembered there was an old 25% off code for your @getphysiclo order in that blog post?, so I asked them to reactivate it for you and they HAVE! (I don't get a percent btw, it's just a little gift to you) So enter SPRING25 at checkout and grab your first pair at a steal of a deal.??? . . #getphysiclo #mysweatlife #getoutandsweat #sweatwithkayla #bbgfam #bbgmoms #bbgmums #bbgbabes #bbggirls #bbgsisters #bbgcommunity #girlswithmuscle #getfit #fitnessmotivation #workout #fit #fitfam #fitmom #fitspo #fitlife #fitness

A photo posted by K E L S E Y W E L L S (@mysweatlife) on

Run happy ?? As you know @getphysiclo sent me resistance running tights to try out. Well actually they've sent me 3 pairs now? Each one more developed than the previous. (I was not 100% happy with the product and couldn't pretend to be, but definitely impressed with their customer service.) Remember, I said maybe they get the job done but I don't feel like wow or a running babe wearing them? Until this third pair arrived - successful product development and the right size (I should've worn xs from the start). No wrinkles??Better fit in the crotch? Resistance bands that get the job done? Yes, still a workout to get them on but you kind of get used to that. Wriggle your way in! Well done @getphysiclo for not giving up on developing a product and taking the time and effort to convince me these resistance pants should be in every runners wardrobe? And I'm not a gadget person! Let's see when push comes to shove if they've helped me become a stronger and faster runner. Half marathon race on Saturday? Today we do a slow trot. Big hug! #roadtoanultra

A photo posted by By Sarah Eriksson (@simplifythegetgoing) on

stair sprints with resistance band tights. holy sh*$t that hurt ? @getphysiclo

A photo posted by Charli Hoffmann (@charlih) on

Not usually a man for leggings... But these skins from @getphysiclo are ???. Highly recommend these little rascals. #compression

A photo posted by A L E X?C A N N O N (@alexcannon247) on

I have been working out in the most unique and awesome leggings lately. I was sent some @getphysiclo leggings to try a few weeks ago and feel ready to review them after taking them out to run, practice yoga, and strength train. The concept: These #physiclo leggings have built-in resistance bands across the front that make any workout that much more challenging. A simple run is turned into a strength training workout just by wearing them! Pros: The first thing I noticed about these leggings was the soft and thick material. I have never felt leggings this thick before and the material felt high quality. When you put them on, they fit snuggly and you can feel the resistance bands with each body movement. Feeling the bands in no way means they're uncomfortable. In fact, these are some of the most comfortable leggings I've tried on and some of the only ones that have stayed up on me! I constantly have to readjust other leggings, but these stayed in place during a 5 mile run and during yoga. I imagine the high quality fabric and high rise serve to keep these leggings exactly where they should be. I tried them out on a 3 mile run first and was a bit skeptical that the soreness I felt in my hamstrings afterwards was from them. So, a few days later, I took them out on a shorter run and felt the same soreness! These leggings are a workout on their own! This is so exciting for me because, as a runner, my hamstrings are typically my weakest and I struggle with strengthening them. I plan on working out with them at least once a week during my runs. Con: I've been hard-pressed to find something I don't love about these leggings! The one thing that has given me thought is aesthetic look of the front. The resistance bands pull tightly across the inside of the front so the the fabric covering it is a bit loose and can bulge. You wouldn't notice it standing still, but it's not the most flattering look while running. Most of my tanks cover my stomach and I hardly notice it. Recommendation: I highly recommend you try a pair of @getphysiclo leggings to up your workout intensity! A photo posted by Kara (@karachooseshappy) on
Have been using my Physiclo pants a little over a month now and LOVE THEM! Not going to lie, they are a bit tricky to put on and take off, but it's worth the extra effort! I've worn the pants both when running and while doing strength work and let me tell you, I can 100% feel a difference. 8 miles felt like 10, 10 felt like 12. At first, I was only wearing them during runs but after wearing them once to the gym - I both loved and hated myself for discovering the difference they can make during a strength session. Burpees go from hard to very hard - burns soo GOOD. An added bonus, they are great for running in the cold - durable and thick which provides added warmth. #physiclo #fitness #running #runnyc #bbg #bbgbabes #bbgnyc #bbgcommunity A photo posted by Inhale & Run (@inhaleandrun) on
Keep up or change lanes! Thrilled to be part of the next level of athlete gear with the new @getphysiclo design. I'd recommend to all of you guys wearing this pants and feel the resistance of its straps during your workout. It's designed with different materials located in specific areas of your legs to increase the efficiency of your muscles up to 23% and your blood circulation up to 8%. Awesome design!!! Dale fuerte o cambiate de linea! Emocionado por ser parte del siguiente nivel de diseño de prendas deportivas de alto rendimiento con @getphysiclo recomendaría probarlo y ver como sus bandas aprietan tus musculos y los hacen trabajar mientras estas entrenando. Lo mejor de todo es que esta diseñado con diferentes materiales colocados en distintas martes y esto aumenta hasta un 23% el trabajo de tus musculos y aumenta un 8% la curculacion de la sangre. Hay que probarlo chicos!!! A photo posted by Diego Calvo (@trainerdiegocalvo) on

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