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Resistance Technology

PHYSICLO combines compression pants with resistance bands to challenge your body and help you engage your muscles more, burn extra calories, and maximize workout results.  



Our unique resistance technology features specially-positioned resistance bands and panels that counteract target muscle groups when engaging in different exercises and activities, increasing the amount of work you do with every movement.  The effect is similar to strapping on a set of ankle weights while you run, except safer, more comfortable, and without the bulk.

The resistance comes from strong, custom elastic bands and panels that are integrated within multiple layers inside our workout pants. Each panel is designed to cover a specific target muscle group.  As the legs swing around the hip, these panels become stretched and counteract that motion, requiring the muscles to generate more power. This increases in effort and energy you spend, resulting in a higher caloric burn and better training results.

Our current line of resistance leggings target the important upper leg muscle groups involved in a full range of motion around the hip, including the hip flexors, quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, and hip adductors. We are also developing new products, such as resistance shirts, sleeves, socks, and more, that will target additional muscle groups in other parts of the body.

compression leggings benefits compression tights benefits



 Physiclo resistance leggings help you enhance your lower body workouts and maximize results. Training with Physiclo helps you take your normal routines to the next level, whether it's running, spinning, cross training, yoga, or any other activity involving the lower body. 

Wear them as running tights to push yourself to new PR's on your next race. Turn your average run into something more. With added resistance, each step on your run will push your legs that much farther. Increase your efficiency while training for your next 5k, 10k, half marathon, or full marathon just by adding our resistance activewear to your training plan.

You can also wear them as workout leggings in the gym for leg day or extended cardio sessions.  Lunges, squats, box jumps, and any cardio routines are great ways to make full use of your Physiclo compression leggings.



Physiclo's resistance-enhanced workout clothes were developed and tested by medical students, doctors, trainers, and Olympic athletes. So far, our data has shown that training in Physiclo has a significant impact on both muscle activation and caloric burn. 

23% more muscle activity

We used surface electromyography (sEMG) to quantify how much additional muscle activation would result from training with PHYSICLO. Subjects ran on a treadmill at a constant 7 mph pace and a 2% incline. Electrodes were positioned over target muscle groups to measure the amount of electrical activity resulting from muscle contraction. 

RESULT: Exercising with PHYSICLO was associated with 23% more muscle activity in the hamstrings and quadriceps.  

compression shorts effectiveness compression shorts effectiveness

14% increase in calories burned

We also looked at metabolic data using pulse oximetry, electrocardiography (ECG), and VO2max testing. Subjects underwent cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET), which involves running on a treadmill with gradually increasing speed and incline until reaching exhaustion. 

RESULT: Data showed an additional 9% increase in heart rate and 14% extra calories burned when wearing PHYSICLO. 

compression tights effectiveness compression tights effectiveness

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