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Boost your lacrosse workouts with Physiclo Pro Resistance gear to constantly improve your game, whether in off-season training or during in-season practice.  

  • Add built-in resistance to field drills to improve your agility
  • Wear Physiclo gear on the field for more intense practice sessions
  • Enhance your strength & conditioning sessions to maximize power and speed




Lacrosse features especially quick and multi-directional movements, more so than almost any other sport. In addition to being mentally and physically strong, Lacrosse players need to develop their leg muscles in order train the speed and agility required to change directions quickly and outrun the competition. 

Training with Physiclo resistance gear will give you the edge you need to improve your speed and quickness. By adding extra resistance to every movement, Physiclo not only strengthens the core leg muscles, but also stimulates the smaller accessory muscles required for complex functional movements on the field. Unlike using weights, the Physiclo pants and lightweight and versatile, which makes them great for off-the-field workouts as well. 

Regardless of your position, try these basic conditioning exercises with Physiclo gear: high knees, burpees, shuffle runs, stadium stairs, and speed ladders




Physiclo resistance gear is a perfect training tool for basketball players of all ages, at any level. You can wear the extra resistance during warmups and bodyweight exercises to improve strength and conditioning, or you can wear them on the court for functional movement training. 


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