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The Science Behind Physiclo Pants


When you wear Physiclo compression pants, your body works harder to overcome the extra resistance they add to your movements, helping you get stronger, fitter, and faster. As you put these workout tights on, you'll notice two separate elastic layers built right into the clothing which offer both inner & outer resistance panels. These panels stretch independently in different directions to cover specific muscle groups across a full range of motion. As you move your legs and flex those muscles, the corresponding elastic layers stretch and counteract that movement, increasing the amount of effort and energy that you spend.



How Physiclo compares to other training methods

Training with Physiclo is a form of resistance training. Physiclo compression tights add resistance to each step, and as a result your normal routines will feel harder and you may tire out faster. However, you don't need to be an elite athlete to benefit from these workout pants. The level of difficulty is not as extreme as wearing a weighted backpack or dragging tires, but it's certainly enough to make a very noticeable difference in your workouts. In fact, the amount of resistance added is similar to using a set of exercise resistance bands, and many people compare the sensation of running with Physiclo to running up stairs. 

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