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Olympic Leg Day Workout #3

Posted on April 29 2018

By Stephen Lambdin 

2016 US Olympic Team and current US National Team member in the sport of Taekwondo


Clam Shells

3 sets of 10, for each leg

This one is an oldie, and a goodie, but your Physiclo will add a totally new dimension to it. Start on the ground, laying on your side, with your hips and ankles at 90 degrees. Keeping your feet together, drive your top knee as high as you can while keeping your hips and shoulders stacked.

There’s a reason this drill is a classic go-to for physical therapy protocols. When done properly, you’ll feel the burn in your hips and glutes. The resistance built in with Physiclo will keep you from having to do 5 sets and will get you proficient in no time at all!

Keys to success

  • Stack your hips. Lay evenly on your side. Do this against the wall.
  • Having trouble keeping form? Lay against the wall, and you’ll be forced to keep in position.
  • Brace your core. This will help keep you stable and get the most out of the drill.


    Fire Hydrants

    3 sets of 10, for each leg

    Start on your hands and knees. Drive your knee away from your midline with a future goal of being a perfect 180 line across your hips. Then return to the original position. Especially at the beginning, you’re going to struggle with maintaining proper form. That focus on proper technique is where the good stuff is!

    It’s an extremely simple exercise that everyone from 90-year-old ladies to Olympians use. There is a good reason: you can’t be too good at this exercise. The resistance added by Physiclo will tone up your glutes, thighs, and improve hip stability. Focus on these are great for protecting your hips against injury.

    Keys to success

    • Go slow! Going slower will point out any problem areas, and your Physiclo will make sure even the little stabilizers get a great workout!
    • Brace your core! You should be able to balance a ball on your back, perform the exercise, and the ball not fall off.



      Single-leg Stars (Star Excursion Balance Test)

      3 sets for each leg

      This drill is a great test of dynamic balance, and stability in your base leg. Starting with a slight bend in your hips, and base leg knee, use your opposite leg to reach to eight different points around you. Start by reaching directly ahead of you, return to the middle, and then repeat reaching for points roughly 45 degrees increments. Think like your touching 8 different points on a clock.

      If you’re trying to kick someone in the face, or just change directions on a dime, this Physiclo drill will ensure that you can do whatever your sport demands at the highest levels. Think like you are trying to hit the ceiling tile.

      Physiclo will make this a little tougher to start out with. If you feel unstable in between reps, take a slight pause. Buildup in speed, because this is all about power, especially at the beginning.

      Keys to success

      • Have a slight bend in your base leg knee and hip.
      • The built-in resistance in your Physiclo is going to shorten your range of motion, at first. Fight hard to maintain proper form, and this exercise will give you a huge return on investment!


          Superman Box Jumps

          3 sets of 6, for each leg

          This drill is great at helping you recruit explosive power through a single leg, absorb, and recreate that same power repeatedly. Starting with one foot on the box, drive through the elevated foot as high as you can, bringing your opposite knee up. Make sure to use your arms to help you generate power!

          Keys to Success

          • Stability here is key. Once you get the hang of this you’ll be able to speed up, but focus on having a solid base at the start of each jump.
          • The higher the box, the harder the difficulty.
          • This jump is for height. Don’t sacrifice explosive power for speed.



               5 sets of 3-minute rounds (15 Minutes total):
              20 Second side shuffle
              10x Jumping Lunge
              10x Side to side box switches.



              The goal with these is to get through all 3 exercises as quickly as possible. Your rest is determined by how quickly you finish.

              I like this setup because it incorporates lateral and linear stability, and repeated power through transitional movements. These are drills that are great for athletes of all sports and experience levels. You simply can’t be too good at these drills.

              Keys to success

              • Side shuffle: focus on reducing transition periods when changing direction. You want to be fast on the sides! Make the shuffle about 10 feet across in total.
              • Jumping lunge: Make sure you start all the way down in the lunge, and focus on getting some serious height out of each rep. These will burn by the end!
              • Side to side switches: Pick a medium height box- nothing too high. Keep your center of gravity over the box, and move those feet fast.




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