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The PRO's of wearing Physiclo resistance pants for your workouts!

Posted on April 06 2018

Training and working out is all about GROWTH. 

In order to improve, first we need to find RESISTANCE to challenge us, so that we can OVERCOME it and grow stronger.

A very convenient way to get that resistance is by wearing Physiclo to your workouts. These unique compression pants come packed with built-in resistance bands, designed to increase workout intensity and calorie burn by 15%... just by wearing them!

According to elite USA Track & Field coach, Carl Valle:

The pants are a combination of spandex-like material and woven resistance fibers that are so thin, you can feel the resistance like a “gravity skin”.''

And according to Jenn from Fit Bottom Girls:
"It basically feels like I’m moving slowly in water, no matter how hard I try to move more quickly. It’s a strange sensation, but one that clearly lets you know that all that resistance is working... The whole concept is so interesting and pretty cool. And overall, I dig it."


 Physiclo Pro Resistance Tights: Pros

  • They’re an easy way to increase the intensity of your usual workouts without extra equipment
  • Because they make workouts harder, you can actually cut down the time of some of your workouts
  • You have increased muscle activation when wearing them — and may just improve your race times (more on that science here)
  • You feel like a secret badass when wearing them
  • They have a cool looking design
  • They’re machine washable
  • You can wear them during any type of workout — or even on leisure walks
  • They make working out (or just walking around) in every other pair of tights you own feel like you’re flying



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