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6 Actionable Tips To Help You Conquer Your Fitness Resolutions in 2017

Posted on January 04 2017

Getting ready to hit the gym and take on your New Years Resolutions?

Research has shown that 2 in 3 fresh gym-goers will throw in the towel before Groundhog Day. But don't feel discouraged! We asked 6 fitness experts how to beat the odds, and here's what they said:


1. Turn your resolutions into small, attainable goals

"Create some small attainable goals for the month of January and write them down on paper. Be specific. For each “goal”, create a plan of attack. Committing to a small goal will make a big difference in the long run and you won’t get burnt out or disappointed when the afterglow of New Year’s resolutions starts to fade."

- Lindsey Clayton, Co-Founder of Brave Body Project

Instagram: @lindseyclayton23


2. Write down your reasons to help you stay motivated

"Write down your goal on a piece of paper. Write down the reasons why you want to attain the goal and how much it means to you. When you're feeling unmotivated, you can read it and see how much your resolutions mean to you, and reasons you should keep on persevering towards it."

- Codie Payne, MMA Fighter aka "The KayoKid" out of CKO Kickboxing Gym UES  

Instagram: @kayocodie


3. Tap into positive vibes and positive people

"Don’t allow external factors to distract you from your goals. This is your narrative, don’t ever let anyone else author your story. If your friends don’t support your goals, don’t trip. Your constant dedication over time, will connect you to people with supportive energy."

- Percell Dugger, NIKE/Jordan Brand Trainer

Instagram: @impercell

Website: www.impercell.com


4. Focus on staying consistent and developing habits

"My tip for New Years resolutions is to stay consistent. You have choices; how you handle those decisions will either further you from your goals or closer to them. The more you stick to the plan and stay consistent in the healthy choices the more results you will see."

- Amanda Foland, CPT & Sports Nutrition Specialist at FIT Studio

Instagram: @amandaf313


5. Take lots of photos and celebrate the small changes

"You may not feel 100% confident in the "before" photos, but every so often take new pictures and compare them. Celebrate the small changes and keep pushing!"

- Kallie House, Basketball Coach & BBG Blogger at KalFitLife

Instagram: @kal_fitlife


6. Pace yourself and don't be afraid to fail

"The biggest thing is to not go from doing nothing to working out 5 days a week and trying to eat a super clean diet. Start slow, and if you do fail... don't stress. Just start back up the next day."

- Chris Azzari, Fitness Blogger at FitDadChris

Facebook: FitDadChris



***A huge THANK YOU to these incredible trainers and fitness pros who contributed to this post! Don't forget to check out their websites and follow them on social media!***



BONUS: 6 More Tips From The Physiclo Community: 

7. "Clean eating, meal prep and high intensity workouts. Get plenty of sleep, stay positive, and you WILL see change!" - Diana Dubocq

9. "A defined goal with a date (like a race) always helps one stay motivated to keep training." - Heidi McKee

8. "Make 2017 a family fitness affair. For example, I'm training for a half marathon, hubby is trying to lose some weight, and we're trying to keep the kid away from the electronic devices." - Misty Currier

10. "Take your clothes to work, change at work, and head straight to the gym!" - Lois Guess

11. "Make your healthy food your favorite food! Find the healthy stuff you like to eat and stay consistent!" - Ryan Arieta

12. "Burn more calories with power-packed workouts that don't require much time, and don't forget to wear your Physiclo resistance tights!" - Ruth Longsworth



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