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4 Reasons Why We're Extremely Excited About This New Fitness Tracker

Posted on March 01 2017

Last week, a new generation of fitness trackers was born.

If you haven't heard already, Atlas Wearables released their new total body fitness tracker & coach on Kickstarter, and they're already well past their initial $50,000 funding goal. 

The Atlas Shape is a sleek, 24/7 fitness tracker with personal coach built-in. It uses motion tracking and a built-in heart rate monitor to automatically detect & track your type of exercise, number of reps, and heart rate for any workout.

And then using your data (such as your form and personal bests), their advanced coaching AI can create an optimized workout routine to help you reach your goals. 

Why are we telling you this? At Physiclo, we're all about a smarter workout. Plus, the creator of Atlas, Peter Li, is a good friend of mine and we studied biomedical engineering together at Johns Hopkins University.

I bought a pair of the original Atlas Wristbands back in 2015 and they are LEGIT, so we genuinely wanted to share our excitement with the upcoming Atlas Shape with you. 

Best of all, they're already in production and the first units will be shipped June! If you pre-order now, you can get your own Atlas Shape for just $59 (that's 55% off their retail price of $129)!




We highly encourage you to give them a try. Here's 4 reasons why we're the most excited:


1. Motion Tracking & Rep Counting

Most activity trackers stick with counting steps, distance, and calories. But the Atlas Shape goes beyond that.

This little band will automatically detect the type of exercise that you're doing, then count your number reps. Whether you're at home doing pushups, in the gym bench pressing, or on the track doing wind sprints, Shape will figure it out based on their built-in motion tracking sensors and their extensive software database of known exercises. 

That means you can move seamlessly from exercise to exercise without needing to bringing pen and paper to the gym, making your workout as efficient as possible.


2. Smart CoachAI Optimizes Your Routine

What's even cooler is what Shape does with all of the data it tracks for you... It'll analyze that data and help you optimize your routine and get you better results.

Shape has a special software called CoachAI that considers all of your fitness metrics, including your form, your personal bests, and even your sleep. So if you're a beginner, CoachAI can figure out the best workout progression for you to reach your fitness goals. If you're already an elite athlete, CoachAI can still help adjust your number of reps, suggest more efficient workout schedules and rest days, and make comments on your form. 


3. Accurate Heart Rate Monitoring

Most basic fitness trackers can't measure your heart rate. The ones that do are typically very expensive, and most aren't that accurate. But here's what a beta tester had to say about the Atlas wristband on their Facebook page:

"The folks from Atlas will tell you no one has done more with their heart rate feature than me. I did a 12 month detailed beta to see if their heart rate feature was consistent and competent enough to drive weight loss and cardiovascular fitness enhancement. While nothing will ever be as accurate as a cardiac monitor, the Atlas is more accurate from event to event over a long period of time than anything else on the market. And that is really what matters. So much so I've built a very successful weight loss/fitness program around it." - Dennis M


4. Physiclo "Full Body Burn" Heart Rate Efficiency Program

The folks at Atlas have designed a special resistance training routine just for you, when you're wearing your Physiclo resistance pants! The program focuses on cardiovascular efficiency and lowering your resting heart rate. 

Here's some data from a tester that followed the program from December 2016 to February 2017. You'll notice that she can now achieve a Training Volume of 20,250 with an average HR of 89 and a max of 121 bpm. 3 months ago, it took the user a heart rate average of 98 and a max of 128 bpm for only 17,049. That's a 42% gain of Strength per Calorie Burned! 


Lastly, You Just Can't Beat This Price

Only 75 units left at $59. Preorder yours today!




  • Frank: March 02, 2017

    @Jeff: I’m passing the question along to Peter. As far as I know, the Atlas Wristband2 tracks swimming, but the new Atlas Shape doesn’t.

  • Jeff Usher: March 01, 2017

    Does this tracker also track cycling & swimming?

  • Frank: March 01, 2017

    @Trudy: that’s a good question. I imagine it would be difficult, since your wrist would be stationary on the bike.

    @Doug: yeah, sorry unfortunatley it seems like it would only work on your wrist

    @Rose: I’ll pass your feedback along to Peter and the Atlas team!

  • Rose: March 01, 2017

    Sounds like a great tracker, but fashion please. Cannot wear another ugly wrist band.

  • Doug: March 01, 2017

    Does it only work on wrists? I need wrist support at my gym and I’m afraid I can not use a wrist tracker at the same time

  • Trudy Stevens: March 01, 2017

    Will this tracker pick up indoor cycling and count that movement? (other trackers dont)

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