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Train Smarter & Finish Faster At Your Next Marathon or Half-Marathon

Posted on May 25 2017

Any runner can tell you that training for a road race is a big commitment, whether you're preparing for your next marathon, half-marathon, 10k, or 5k. You typically dedicate at least several weeks or months on a solid training plan in order to slowly build up endurance. 

But time is money. So what if you could get more out of each workout and accelerate your progress


That's the idea behind Physiclo Pro Resistance training apparel. These unique compression pants feature built-in resistance bands that push your body to work harder in the same amount of time and training volume.

Still, runners and athletes commonly ask, how does that translate into actual results? Can wearing extra resistance during training actually help you feel stronger and finish faster on race day? 


So we tested it out: 


We conducted a field study to determine how training with Physiclo resistance apparel helps runners improve marathon and half-marathon performance. The 10-week study tracked the daily time and distance trained for 37 runners as they prepared to compete in their next road race.

Half of the testers were given a pair of Physiclo resistance pants to incorporate into their workouts, while the other half trained in their regular running pants. Subjects who met study entry criteria, including both men and women, were matched within one standard deviation for previous finish times, training volume, and age.


After the race:


After ten weeks, 9 out of 18 runners in the control group finished their race with a new PR finish time. But the other nine didn't, and as a group they finished an average of 3 minutes and 43 seconds slower than their previous best finish times (a decrease of 1.5%, p=0.23). 

On the other hand, the 13 out of 19 runners who trained with Physiclo achieved new PR's. And as a group, they finished an average of 7 minutes and 53 seconds faster than their previous best finish times (an improvement of 4.2%, p=0.015). 


During training:


On average, testers reported wearing their resistance pants for 64.5% of their total training time. The majority preferred to use them for shorter runs during the weekdays, while running in regular gear for longer distance runs on the weekend.

Because the Physiclo resistance pants makes each step noticeable harder, testers found that running with the extra resistance resulted in a slight decrease in their average training pace. 

During their 10-week training, marathon runners who trained with Physiclo averaged 28.64 miles per week at a 9:41 pace, compared to control marathon runners who trained 33.72 miles per week at a 9:01 pace. Half-marathon runners who trained with Physiclo averaged 19.37 miles per week at a 10:50 pace, compared to control half-marathon runners who trained 21.23 miles per week at a 10:14 pace.


Why Physiclo works:


Unlike wearing regular compression pants, Physiclo Pro Resistance gear has built-in resistance bands that actively push your body to work harder, increasing muscle activation and elevating heart rate. By wearing Physiclo pants when you train, you can increase your workout intensity and productivity with every mile you run. 

In a recent study by the Human Performance Research Lab at the California Polytechnic State University, Pomona, athletes who ran while wearing Physiclo experienced:

    • 15% increase in oxygen consumption (VO2)
    • 15% increase in energy expenditure (kcals/min)
    • 18% increase in heart rate (bpm)
    • 22% increase in ventilation (L/min)



In conclusion...


Runners who wore Physiclo Pro Resistance pants during their training saw a significant improvement in race performance, on average finishing 4.2% faster than their previous PR's.

68.4% of runners who trained with Physiclo set new PR finish times, compared to 50% of runners who trained in normal running gear.

Additionally, runners who used Physiclo achieved better results despite training at lower weekly mileage and slower paces.




    • Frank from Physiclo: June 01, 2017

      Hi Bob, thanks so much for sharing your experience! I’m really glad that you’re seeing great results from incorporating Physiclo into your training routine, and it’s very cool to hear all the different ways that you’re using them. I’ll let you know when the shirts are out, and we’ll definitely consider adding SPF protection into future versions as well!

    • Bob: June 01, 2017

      Hi Frank,
      I’m enjoyed the new physiclo pants and they are really assisting in the effectiveness of my workouts. I’ve had them for about six weeks and I’m noticing increased muscle strength in my legs, gluten and core area in general. It’s much easier with the pants on to achieve the heart rate training zones that I wish to achieve. I use them several ways. One is to leave them on several hours during the day including my workouts. I’m also wearing them for shorter periods of time in a given day during which I’ll workout. Also, I used them yesterday as a means to workout out briefly with the pants on as a means of pre-fatiguing my leg muscles before I do the remainder of the workout schedule for that day without the pants. It’s much easier then to move again into my target heart rate zones without working out that long or hard to achieve the zone.

      My wife and I are interested in the shirts you’ve mentioned as being in the works and perhaps you might consider including an SPF factor in the material.

    • Frank Y: June 06, 2016

      Hi guys, thanks for all of the encouraging feedback!! You all rock :)

      Michael and Nicolas, yes the upper body resistance shirts are in the works. Rest assured, we are on it!

    • Nicolas GANDRILLE: June 05, 2016

      Just like Michael said (^), wondering if you have an upper body version in the pipeline ? Would be perfect.

    • Thomas Allred: June 01, 2016

      I run in them, but not as often as I will soon. But I do elliptigo in them, and I can do a 25 mile ride in the morning with them on, and do the same route in the afternoon without them on and be a lot quicker and it just feels easier. I am a firm believer in your product and will be buying the tights when the weather breaks as it will come fall. Thanks for having a great idea and following through on it. But don’t get the word out too much, I don’t want my comp. to get a hold of this gear.

    • Michael Morgan: May 31, 2016

      I have had mine for about a couple of months and use them mainly on my Peloton spin bike, and then sometimes for HOT yoga. For those two activities it’s like have a resistance band tied around your legs – the difference is incredible, and then when you go without them your feel like your “flying”! I have a pair of tights, shorts, and just ordered another pair of tights … enough said I guess. I will be glad when the come out with the upper body version – soon?

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