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Pants to help you train for your next marathon or half-marathon

Posted on May 31 2016

At first glance...

The concept behind Physiclo is pretty straightforward. Our compression pants use built-in resistance to push your body to work harder in the same amount of time and training volume.

Still, runners and athletes commonly ask, how does that translate into actual results? Can wearing extra resistance actually help one become faster, stronger, or fitter? 


So we tested it out

Over the last couple months, our team has been working on a pilot field study to see how training with Physiclo resistance apparel helps distance runners enhance marathon and half-marathon performance. The 10-week study tracked the daily time and distance trained for 37 runners as they prepared to compete in their next road race.

Half of the subjects were given a pair of Physiclo resistance pants to incorporate into their workouts, while the other half trained in their regular running pants. Subjects who met study entry criteria, including both men and women, were matched within one standard deviation for previous finish times, training volume, and age.

After ten weeks, the 19 runners who trained with Physiclo ran an average of 7 minutes and 53 seconds faster than their previous personal bests, a 4.2% improvement (p=0.015). On the other hand, the 18 runners in the the control group did not see a significant change in finish times, with the group's average being 3 minutes and 43 seconds slower than their previous bests, a decrease of 1.5% (p=0.23). 



Despite finishing slightly slower than their previous races as a group, 9 out of the 18 control runners (50.0%) still managed to beat their previous personal best. Meanwhile, 13 out of the 19 runners who trained with Physiclo (68.4%) achieved new personal records.  

On average, testers reported wearing their resistance pants for 64.5% of their total training time. The majority preferred to use them for shorter runs during the weekdays, while running in regular gear for longer distance runs on the weekend.

Testers also found that running with the extra resistance generally slowed their average training pace. During their 10-week training, marathon runners who trained with Physiclo averaged 28.64 miles per week at a 9:41 pace, compared to control marathon runners who trained 33.72 miles per week at a 9:01 pace. Half-marathon runners who trained with Physiclo averaged 19.37 miles per week at a 10:50 pace, compared to control half-marathon runners who trained 21.23 miles per week at a 10:14 pace. 



In conclusion...

  • We found that runners who wore Physiclo resistance apparel for a significant proportion of their training saw a significant improvement in race performance and were more likely to achieve a new personal record.
  • Additionally, runners who used Physiclo achieved better results despite training at lower weekly mileage and slower paces.


As far as scientific studies go, this was just a pilot to show proof of concept- that training with Physiclo does have an impact on race performance. However, the sample size was relatively small and we did not have the means to control for factors such as differences in diet, race day weather, and course topography. We plan to conduct more rigorous testing with partner universities later this summer. 


If you're interested in learning more about the study protocol and results, send us an email to!


  • Frank Y: June 06, 2016

    Hi guys, thanks for all of the encouraging feedback!! You all rock :)

    Michael and Nicolas, yes the upper body resistance shirts are in the works. Rest assured, we are on it!

  • Nicolas GANDRILLE: June 05, 2016

    Just like Michael said (^), wondering if you have an upper body version in the pipeline ? Would be perfect.

  • Thomas Allred: June 01, 2016

    I run in them, but not as often as I will soon. But I do elliptigo in them, and I can do a 25 mile ride in the morning with them on, and do the same route in the afternoon without them on and be a lot quicker and it just feels easier. I am a firm believer in your product and will be buying the tights when the weather breaks as it will come fall. Thanks for having a great idea and following through on it. But don’t get the word out too much, I don’t want my comp. to get a hold of this gear.

  • Michael Morgan: May 31, 2016

    I have had mine for about a couple of months and use them mainly on my Peloton spin bike, and then sometimes for HOT yoga. For those two activities it’s like have a resistance band tied around your legs – the difference is incredible, and then when you go without them your feel like your “flying”! I have a pair of tights, shorts, and just ordered another pair of tights … enough said I guess. I will be glad when the come out with the upper body version – soon?

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