6 Ways To Get Creative With Physiclo + Instagram Contest

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6 Ways To Get Creative With Physiclo + Instagram Contest

Posted on April 19 2016

6 Ways To Get Creative With Physiclo + Instagram Contest

Last week we talked about the technology behind resistance wear and its key differences from normal compression tights. Now we're going to explore how you can get the most out of them.

Although Physiclo tights were originally intended to be used for running, biking, HIIT training and your favorite gym routines, that didn't stop our Physiclo-ers from thinking outside the box and getting creative with their use. 

Here's a look at some of our favorites:



This is the definition of hardcore. As if rock climbing in itself isn't challenging enough, @juliahasfun took it to the ultimate level by adding even MORE resistance through her Physiclo tights. That post-climb burn is palpable. 



I was so focused on today's lesson with @TimMorehouse that I forgot to take a photo for #FencingFridays! A reprise!

A photo posted by @timgunn on

Is that Tim Gunn fencing with Olympic medalist Tim Morehouse? And wearing Physiclo tights?! This one would definitely be a hard workout considering the quick movements and that constant-semi-squat position (called an 'en garde' stance) fencing demands. 


?? 맴맴맴맴맴맴맴맴맴 #mountaineering & #broga #training #physiclo #TrailKorea

A photo posted by @hoochoo_run on

Whoa that does not look safe! @hoochoo_run took his resistance tights all the way to the Bukhansan National Park in South Korea for this cool and eye-popping picture. Don't worry it's just the camera angle, but still... do not try this at home.


Mermaid tested = Mermaid Approved •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Omg y'all I'm so excited to share that I was a tester for the 1st of it's kind resistance activewear! They have resistance bands built into the leggings ? The company is called Physiclo and Frank and the team are so supportive! Studies have already shown that just wearing the gear increases muscle activity by 23% , heart rate by 8% and calorie burn by 14%! They even tested them on the show The Doctors and found that running a mile with Physiclo burned 42% more calories than without ! How freaking awesome is that ! ?✨ So all my lovely yogis, weightlifters and runners check them out ! @getphysiclo P.S. Handstand approved ? for my inversion junkies ?? Use my code in my bio for 20% off if y'all are interested ?

A photo posted by •〽️egan• (@mermaidfit_) on

 Another impressive handstand from @mermaidfit_ 



This is how you turn a boring treadmill run into a fun and extra-challenging exercise with endless possibilities. That incline though...



Fitness blogger Allie at vitatrain4life wore her resistance tights to a barre class and loved it! If you've never heard of it before, barre exercises are inspired by ballet moves and focus on isometric strength training. It's perfect if you're recovering from an injury or need a break from higher-intensity workouts.



Who said yoga can't be a hard workout? Here's @studioartyoga doing a flawless warrior 2 pose in her resistance tights. If yoga is your preferred exercise or your current goal is to improve balance and flexibility, then integrating resistance wear is a great way to burn more calories while you're at it.


And this guy?

 This guy is just showing off. (Kidding!)


Have you been experimenting with unique ways to integrate our resistance wear into your workouts and everyday life? If so, we want to hear from YOU! And to celebrate your creativity and awesomeness, Physiclo is having a special Instagram event over the next two weeks. 

How it works:
1. Post and tag a picture on Instagram of you and your awesome Physiclo gear.
2. Send a DM to @getphysiclo to let us know.
3. Get an exclusive code for 40% OFF your next purchase
Event ends April 30th.


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