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Did You See Our Segment On The Doctors?

Posted on March 12 2016

We’re on TV!

Or at least, our pants are. Earlier this year, we received an email from producers at the Emmy Award-winning talk show, The Doctors. They wanted to test the claim that our compression tights, with built-in resistance, will really help you burn more calories as you work out.

So we mailed two pairs of our women’s running leggings to their studio in Hollywood, and they told us that the segment would air in a couple weeks. After a month of nerve-wracking radio silence, the segment finally aired on Wednesday. And what they found was surprising, even for us! 

Here's the clip.


What they found

The Doctors had two young women, Taylor and Suzann, test our resistance workout pants on their show. They ran for about a mile, both with regular yoga pants and then with Physiclo resistance gear, while monitoring their caloric burn. The result? The Doctors found that Taylor burned 116 calories in yoga pants then 162 calories with Physiclo (a 41% increase). Suzann burned 54 calories in yoga pants then 96 calories with Physiclo (a whopping 78% increase)!


Taylor: “It definitely takes more energy to lift your legs so you’re definitely working harder!”

The data blew us away. Back when we did our own testing, we only saw a modest 14% boost in extra calories burned. Granted, testing just two subjects on a morning television show doesn’t exactly qualify as high scientific standards, but it’s still a cool piece of 3rd party validation showing these functional compression pants will really power up your workouts.


Dr. Andrew: “What is the difference between putting the pants on and just changing your incline or increasing your speed so you’re burning more?”

Great point, Dr. Andrew. Well the short answer is that both will increase your workload and make you work harder. Like Dr. Travis pointed out, you can do one or the other, but why not both?

To be more technical, there are two key differences between running with Physiclo and simply running harder. First, the muscles you’re working are different- Physiclo running tights add extra resistance designed to strengthen your upper leg muscles, without putting extra stress on your joints. Second, there’s a mental aspect- when you wear Physiclo, your body will gradually adapt to the increased load, and after a few minutes you’ll forget that it’s even there. So you’ll be able to push yourself to complete your normal pace and mileage, but you’ll be getting more out of it.


Dr. Travis: “They do what they claim! You burn more calories. Personally I wouldn’t wear them- they’re not for me, but at the end of the day, hey! It’s increasing your workload!” 

That’s right, these sleek running pants aren’t going to be everybody’s cup of tea, especially if you call them “yoga pants” (it’s compression wear with resistance, people!). And that’s completely OK.


Dr. Andrew: “Well, they look cool.”

Mission accomplished, doctors.




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  • jan: April 08, 2017

    Same thing happened with mine. They are very poorly made.

  • Jodi Bailey: November 26, 2016

    I ordered a pair a few weeks ago…have worn them & like them; however, an inner fabric has come apart & bunched up on the inside of my left leg…now what ?
    I paid enough for them to expect & get more.

    I would prefer a new pair or a refund.

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